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<Technical Update> Water Cooling System
DATE : 2015-10-23 19:47 HIT : 18061
Technical Update

Water Cooling System
PARUS Technology for advanced LED Grow Lighting system

What  is Water Cooling System?
PARUS provides Water Cooling System for customers who want to construct more advanced LED grow lighting system or who want to increase efficiency of lighting with reduced energy consumption by improving their existing system.
“Water Cooling” literally means cooling down LED light by using water, to flow water through a water cooling component attached on a lamp body, water remove heat a lamp generates during it works.

Fig 1. Comparison of lamp temperature

Water cooling (left) Vs. Standard (right)
* measured by IR thermometer

Figure1 shows an obvious difference of lamps’ temperature when Water Cooling System is used. When a standard LED light overs 50℃, a same light with water cooling is lower than 24℃.

Why  is Water Cooling System needed?
PARUS LED Grow Light has an effective heat sink solution: its material and surface structure are designed for efficient heat radiation. Then, why PARUS developed Water Cooling System and recommends this application?

Fig 2. Power Conversion of Light Sources

When you use lights, a large portion of input power is converted into heat. Even though LED light shows better conversion efficiency compared to incandescent or fluorescent, it still consumes 70% of energy as heat radiation. If heat is not well removed, it can cause decline of lighting efficiency.
PARUS Water Cooling System can remove this heat from lights (up to 80% of heat), thus improve efficiency of lighting and also increase life time of LED.

Fig 3. Estimated Lamp Life

Fig 4. Temperature and Life Time of LED

The effect of water cooling can be obviously shown in comparison tests (Fig.5), water cooling increases light intensity and decrease power consumption by 25%.

Fig 5. Test result of Water Cooling : Comparison of power consumption and light intensity

Where  can Water Cooling System be installed?
The demand of Water Cooling system is increasing steadily due to energy savings and higher efficiency. Water Cooling System can be combined with various light fixtures: PARUS linear lamps, panel lights and COB products are all possible. It is easy to compose and install water cooling, if you already had lamps and wanted a simple setup, you could add water cooling components and connect a chiller for cooling water.
Water cooling system is not only for large construction like plant factory, it is also applicable for small greenhouse. Once you arrange water cooling system, then it is easier to extend the system when you have new lights in future.

Fig 6. Concept map of water cooling system connection

Water cooling system not only saves energy but gives you additional options to reuse this heat to warm the air in greenhouse during winter time. PARUS Water Cooling System is designed for easy maintenance, using water as a cooling media, this water can be reused by circulation. The system can be connected with a chiller to cool water temperature, and also can be connected with a heat pump to reuse heat.

Water Cooling System

Easy Installation
Easy to mount on the previous/New model
Easy to extend system for green house or plant factory

Energy Saving
Energy saving more than 25%

Higher PPFD value
Light intensity ↑ more than 20%

Longer Life Time
Life time ↑ 50%~ longer

Applicable model
PGL-PFL Series
PGL-BOX Series
PGL-RA Series

For more information

pdf  Water cooling technology(8.32M)

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