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SOL Series (PGL-E18)

Indoor Gardening
LED Grow Light  Bulb

 PARUS SOL Series (PGL-E18) - Tech Specs.pdf

SOL Series is the bulb type of LED Grow Light for indoor growing. You need a light for fast growing or a light for keeping during winter season? You can choose a proper type of bulb as your need. SOL series has capability of growing, in addition, it brings display effect. You can give a spotlight to your plant making a focus of display without disturbing room lighting. SOL Series has a base of E27, fits into a standard light bulb socket. PGL-E18 gives focused high intensity light.

LED Grow Light / SOL Series    PGL-E18

Indoor Gardening - Home, Shop, Cafe, Kitchen, Office, School

► High intensity and good for plants growing

► More flowers, grow fast and make plants more nice in visual

► SPOT type and light are focused on the ideal location

► E27 base and fits into a standard light bulb socket

► Better efficiency with a standard PARUS lamp shade


► Power Consumption : 18 Watt

► Input voltage : AC90~245V, 50/60Hz

► Lighting : LED Grow Light - Bulb (PPF 1800μmol @100mm)

► Lamp Angle : 60 °

► Safety : CE, EMC, LVD

► Cultivable Plants : Small or Medium or big size plants



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