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Home Seedling System
LED Grow Light
Linear Lamp with Steel Stand

 PARUS LUCIS - Tech Specs.pdf

If you need seedlings all year round, you may think about adopting an indoor seedling system. First, you have to find a linear lamp or bulb with even distribution of light to get regular seedlings, later you need to hang it on proper height and maybe need to adjust its height as seedlings grow. We thought all for you and present LUCIS! LUCIS is applicable to any kinds of plants' seedling, and its wide angle provides seedlings with even light. You will enjoy watching green seedlings grow day by day.

LED Grow Light    LUCIS 

Indoor Gardening – Home Seedling

► Main for indoor seedling

► Adjust the light height free

► LED for energy saving, Super long life and no maintenance


► Power Consumption: Max. 22 Watt

► Input voltage : AC90~245V, 50/60Hz

► Lighting : LED Grow Light - Linear (PPF 295µmol @100mm)

► Lamp Angle: 120 °

► Safety :CE, EMC, LVD

► Cultivable Plants : General plants (germination-seedling)




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