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PGL-PH Series

Plant Factory/ Growth Chamber Cultivation
LED Grow Light  Panel
Red/Blue Separate Dimming

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PGL-PH Series is panel light for multi-layer system or grow chamber such as PMF series. The panel is slim and has different sizes, so it is flexible for launch on ceiling of a chamber. Moreover, it supports Red and Blue separate dimming, you can change light intensity and proportion depending on growth phase of plants. 

LED Grow Light / PH Series    PGL-PH 30, 60, 120

Plant Factory Light, LED Grow Light, Panel Light, Growth chamber, Multi-Layer

LED grow light – Energy saving and long life lighting system

Wide application – It provides light which suits general leafy plants and vegetable such as Lettuce, Herb.

General purpose – It can be used for all phase of growing: from germination to harvest.

Small size panel light – It is a panel light for Grow Chamber/ small size multi-layer system, it small and thin.

Effective wavelength and proportion – Its light is verified and proven through tests.

Red / Blue separate dimming - Light proportion can be changed depending on growth phase of plants.

Easy installation


Power Consumption : 35/ 70/ 140 Watt

Input Voltage : 90~245V, 50/60Hz

Lighting : LED Grow Light - Panel (PPFD 250μmol @200mm H)

Lamp Angle : 120 °

Size : 320x300/ 320x600/ 320x1200

Safety : CE, EMC, LVD

Cultivable Plants : Lettuce, Herb, etc.



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