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Indoor Cultivation
LED Grow Light  Panel
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LED Grow Chamber with Hydroponic Kits

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You want to grow leafy green vegetables, but has no garden or the temperature of your place is not proper growing vegetables all year round? PMF-TC series is PARUS Mini Farm unit with temperature control. It is a closed multi-layer system, you can grow leafy green or keep your vegetable fresh without disturbance of outside temperature. PMF-TC 80 is a compact unit with 2 growing layers, it does not take up much space, but has sufficient capacity of growing. It will serve daily fresh greens to your family.

LED Grow Chamber    PMF-TC 80

Indoor Gardening - Home, Shop, Cafe, Kitchen, Office, SchoolResearch.

Fresh vegetable is great way to add vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients to your daily diet.

Grow year' round. Plant factory technology.

Easy use, one plug automatically control the plants growth.

Purely nature and chemical free.

Production can supply 2-person family.

► Temperature control


Power Consumption : 145 Watt

Input Voltage : AC90~245V, 50/60Hz

Lighting : LED Grow Light - Panel (PPF 250μmol @200mm)

Lamp Angle : 120°

Size : W 595mm X L 515mm x H 850mm

Safety : CE, EMC, LVD

Cultivable Plants : Salad, Herb, Strawberry, Baby leaf, Seedling, etc


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