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- Doses optimum wavelengthes for plant growing with PARUS technology patented
- Possible to use without additional devices, as the lamps are in standard sizes.
- Waterproof, dampproof, no damage or distroy and electric shock
- Custom installation structure of 30, 60, 180 ˚ dosing angle.
- Long-lived/ Low energy consumption/ Proper PPFD 60μmol m-2s-1 (10W ~ 60W)
- Growth, prevent disease, pest tempt & control
- Growing 15~25% more compare to the existings. And the Vitamin C increases by 300%.

PARUS' technic

- Hold the know-how we have accumulated over the years
- Hold the source patent of LED Growlight
- Hold the lamp producing technic with various wavelengths
- Hold the LED heat releasing patent

PARUS' verification

- PARUS has own laboratory for experimenting plant growing.
- PARUS had cooperate experiment with agricultural laboratories and universities
- Products supplied in Japan, Europe and the U.S.A

Apply to

- Flowering plants: chrysanthemum, rose, carnation, gypsophila, gerbera, lily, orchid, etc.
- Vegetables: tomato, paprika, red pepper, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, leaf of green, paprika, eggplant green pepper etc
- Fruit vegetable : strawberry, watermelon, melon, pumpkin, fig etc.
- Fruit : grape, tangerine etc
- Root crops : carrot, ginger, radish, etc.
- Special crops: mushroom, ginseng, moss, codonopsis lancelate etc.

Photosynthetic peak wavelengths

Used only peak wavelengths for photosynthesis

Absorbing wavelengths: Chlorophy (440nm, 655nm), Photosynthesis (430nm, 670nm)
Wavelength for insects : 280nm ~ 580nm
Wavelength for fishes : 480nm ~ 510nm

Boosting up efficiency with wavelength combination

- Wavelength combination organizes the optimum condition of growth, bloom, germinate and etc.,
- Grow plants and control pests simultaneously (Mosquitos, Flies, Aphids etc.)
- Grow plants and prevent disease(powdery mildew from strawberry etc.)
- Provide customized wavelengths to apply each types of plants

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